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Business Photography is fascinating. Observing business people in their work environment in which they often assume a different personality, more responsible, more serious. To me however,they can still reflect gravitas and sincerity without looking totally devoid of personality! Big Stick has photographed a number of business people¬†including Knights of the realm, MP’s and celebrities. Many of which were for the Audit Commission for their Report & Accounts brochure. We¬†photographed a number of seminars and did business portraits at the various business events. Everyone seemed to enjoy the process despite being reluctant models initially, which of course made it all the more satisfying!
I think in work mode professionals are slightly more suspicious of business photography particularly if they are in the public eye. I try to gain the trust of the subject and reassure them that the photographs will only be used if they are happy with how they look…which I am please to say they inevitably are!
I did a business photograph of the Mayor of Kensington which, was quite an intimidating scenario in a formal stately, beautifully furnished room with a large picture of her majesty in pride of place. I waited in trepidation for his arrival however, the mayor was charming and his secretary wrote to me after the shoot and said they were the best photographs she had seen of him, which was great to hear!
I also followed an MP around for 2 days in the North East to create a photographic diary of his duties. It was interesting to be a ‘fly on the wall’ of all the functions, engagements and meetings he had to attend and we captured so nice shots too so for me business photography is far from dry and i enjoy taking images of businessman and showing their dynamism and personality.

Below are a few more business style shots which are hopefully more engaging than the norm…double click them to see for yourself