Marketing imagery

Marketing campaigns and corporate collateral

Big Stick Photography produces imagery for business use in many forms from Linked in Business portraits to website imagery and photography for corporate literature. Since Big Stick parent company is a design agency it is able to offer businesses a host of design and photography services. From communications strategy to branding and website production. So if you need photography but also need a creative eye on how to produce it and the concepts to convert it to effective use in your literature and corporate collateral then give Big Stick a call on 01442 828883.

Photographs with the impact to be memorable

Advertising imagery is often more conceptualised. Bringing an idea to life, reflecting a particular product benefit such as speed,strength, flexibility or beauty in an extreme way to make it memorable. In this case it was using and elephant along with a headline of “Remember to wash and squash plastics before recycling ” I have to say, it was a devil getting the elephant up the stairs to my studio!

I started working as an Advertising Creative Director in Sheffield over 20 years ago. I art directed photography as part of my role and most of the ad’s we produced in those days had coupons so the response was measurable. Consequently i learnt how to harness visual impact to get noticed, gain awareness and so increase response figures.
After moving south to take up a position as creative director at Mcmillan Advertising in St Albans I found the same held true for winning pitches. if your work was visually memorable, it got a response from the client who would then hire us to produce their campaign.
At that time i worked with many notable (an expensive!) photographers in London who were pleased at the opportunity to push the boundaries and create images which were full of impact.I learnt a lot from them and incorporate it into the ad’ images we create now…Below are some other advertisements photographed (and designed) by Big Stick, double click the image to see the ad’ in full…