Event Photography

Big Stick Event Photography covers Weddings, Birthday parties, sporting events and business events. We try and lend to them a creative eye and use reportage style as well as formal style photography to properly reflect the dynamics of the occasion. I have done a number of party shoots, which are always good fun especially as the night wears on and guests get more raucous! I haven’t done so much wedding work, usually just for family or friends. It’s such a personal occasion and I think it’s important to get someone with whom you relate and who will best reflect the excitement of your big day.

Parties and Events- From 18th and 80th Birthday Parties to weddings, music and sports events, Big Stick has covered a wide variety and enjoyed them all.(Big Stick is the Official photographer for A.S Judo Academy and Tring Corinthians football Club). Being a big sports fan and a ‘piston head’ too, I enjoy event photography for sports events although sometimes this can involve the hire of additional long lenses depending on the circumstances.
I find my background as a creative director helps on event photography because you can use an art directors eye to compose the pics as they happen. It’s fine saying “oh just photograph people as they are” but this tends to end up with lots of shots of the back of peoples heads! I find guests like to be photographed as longs as they are smiling and prepared. What they don’t like are ‘surprise’ in which they look particularly unattractive or bleary eyed!
The reportage shots are the unscripted moments when a mother hugs her daughter or a slightly drunken husband kisses his wife in a slow dance at the end of a party or friends get together and look radiant…they are the pictures you hope to capture in event photography.

Give us a call if you would like further details or to see more images…Big Stick Photography 01442 828883