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a>A portrait of the marquis

Portraits are a passion at Big Stick transforming an individual or couple into an idealised, beautiful image. Richard Avedon a famous portrait photographer believed a portrait should capture the soul of its subject and he should know, he photographed stars including; Marilyn Monroe, Buster Keaton and Andy Warhol. I also love the work of Bob Carlos Clark, Annie Liebovitz and Helmut Newton who produced memorable iconic sexy portraits of some of the worlds stars. At Big Stick we can only aspire to the level of these photographic legends but we can try and follow their principles. We spend time achieving different looks, getting to know the personality of the subject, ironically capturing spontaneous images can takes hours! As Annie Liebovitz said; “… the idea your going to get the soul of the sitter in 15 minutes is garbage. i do find that as soon as i tell them it’s over they relax and look amazing…i should be starting the shoot then!”

Everyone should have a great photograph of themselves that they absolutely love and look their best in. We can provide make up and hair artists, wardrobe, music and drinks to help you relax and enjoy the whole process.
Styled, reportage or introspective shots are all great fun and can be a real confidence booster, call now and get a great image for your other half to admire!

Prints & Books
18th Birthday Party Photography

For birthday parties, weddings or sports related events it’s great to produce a definitive print or even a book with a record of the event. I produced a book for my mother in law of our trip around the West coast of the USA (including a shot of her rolling dice at a table in Las Vegas) and it has become a great momento for her and a great way to relive the memories.Big Stick Photography has also done Model books and records of sporting events, they look really impressive and a nice way to present your images rather than wading through an album or slide show.  Call for further details on 01442 828883