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Big Stick Photography portrait of local businessman Peter Borg Neal

Your image as a reflection of your brand.

A business portrait can be a useful presentation tool . It can be quite literally the ‘face’ of your brand especially if you are a sole trader or consultant. Whatever the size of business you are involved in your image reflects the values of your business. I see so many images on ‘Linked- in’ with businessman ‘at leisure’ in the pic…women worse for wear on their friends hen night or a businessman with his mates joking on the golf course. Now don’t get me wrong i am all for showing personable pics with businessmen as real people but equally you have to consider what your customers will glean from the pic…can I trust this person with my 200k budget? Can I rely on his/her judgement in a pressurised situation?

Consequently I would advocate a controlled picture, a photograph which shows some window into your personality but not so much as to give the game away too early, lets keep it professional.

The image shown here is of a successful charismatic local businessman but this was supplementary to his ‘business shot’ Having taken photographs for business it is nice to take some more relaxed portrait images . Sometimes the two approaches are not mutually exclusive, if your business is a creative one then, why not have a ‘creative portrait’ that reflects the creativity of your brand?

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