Big Stick photograph or hedghog smoking-anti litter campaign



” I have always loved advertising images; the way an idea is stretched beyond reality. We created a photograph, of a hedgehog smoking, for a litter ‘campaign’ recently and it makes me smile every time. Just the idea of a hedgehog grabbing a crafty fag, his paws curled around it, one eye slightly closed as a result of the smoke, its mouth pouting in mid puff. That hedgehog has personality and I think any photographic subject animal or human should reek of personality, it should ooze from every pore of the sitter like a volcano, it should arouse, intrigue and sizzle.

Most of our work is portraiture both business and social. I have to say my advertising background prevents me from doing the standard high St family photo style images. I tend to focus on fashion imagery for younger subjects and try and make all subjects look as idealised as possible. Obviously a portrait should reflect the individuals personality but why not at their idealised best?! So I use make up artists, wardrobe, photoshop after effects, all to ensure the final image is polished and impactful.

Some purists may say an image should be unaffected and where possible they are but I have to say I haven ‘t met a subject yet, professional model or social sitter who hasn’t wanted their image as perfect as possible whatever the tricks involved!


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Carl Brady on Photography… “I believe vehemently that photographs should leap out of the page and grab you by the throat”, (A strategy inspired by his my mother-in-law apparently!)

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